Welcome Black Stars fans


Black Star

Arise and shine people!!! It’s time to put your voices to the test and support the Black Stars. This is clearly a big sporting year for the senior national football team of Ghana. What with the Cup of Nations and the World Cup? Agoro be so !!!

This space has been created for all who like and follow the Stars for one reason or another. Some of you may not be able to watch the games because you can’t go to Angola or South Africa (it’s a recession after all). You have to be at work, with family and  the list goes on. Whatever it may be, this space will hopefully be a one-stop shop for all things Black Stars. 

I hope we build a community of fans that arepassionate, respectful of each other’s views and that we remember that at the end of the day, it’s just a game. Ok, who am I kidding? It is more than a game but even serious matters like national security deserve measure.

Happy new year and may the year bring us the Nations Cup for a fifth time (seriously people, we haven’t won it since 1982. Sheesh, that’s 28 years I believe and it was an eight-country tourney then!!!) as well as the World Cup!!!

Hey, it’s good to dream. 

That’s all folks!!!

Oh and don’t worry we will get some better graphics soon.

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