Time for some soothsaying


Abracadabra, allow room for wrong predictions


What’s up folks? The tournament starts on Sunday and it’s never too early to predict what will happen. So let the uninformed prognostications begin here. But before we start a bit of trivia. Who was the last Black Star to win the best player award at the African Cup of Nations? Also, who was the last Black Stars player to be crowned goal king at a Cup of Nations? Chew on that for a second. 

But that is a pivot for predictions. Since we already know who will win the Nations Cup there’s no need for that question. So, on to the next one. Which Ghanaian player is most likely to succeed Hosny Adb Rabo as the best player in this tournament (raise your hands if you knew who won it the last time)? Also, which Star is likely to fill Samuel Eto’s big shoes as the top goalscorer? And finally how many Ghanaian players do you tip to make the African XI?

Answer to the trivia:

Drum roll, please. 

Abedi Pele, 1992. He was doing this kind of thing on a regular in those days and in that tournament he scored one of the best goals I have ever seen against Congo. Oh, Abedi, where art thou? “I am too old now but my sons will represent,” he is probably saying!

I remember 1992 tournament like it was yesterday. In fact, check these highlights out and tell me we shouldn’t have won. And even in penalties Edward Ansah could have saved one of the penalties. What nostalgia. Tony Baffoe, Tony Yeboah, Eddie Ansah, and for the Ivorians, Joel Tiehy, Aka Kouame, Traore, Alain Gouamene. Oh and who can forget Otto Pfister, the only coach to have started a fad in Ghana!!!

Please wake me up from my dreams with your predictions.

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