Ahhhh, it’s the Venue eh!


You need a few of these to enjoy CAN 2010. C'est cher


So I was just listening to a Beeb report about Angola being a very expensive place. Apparently, one room in a recently-opened four star hotel will cost $600 a night during the competition. I mean on a regular day it would cost $300 a night so it’s not as if it was going to be cheap anyways. But it fits in with some scribes’ assessment of the costs involved with traveling to Angola. 

At the end of the day though, it may be down to the fans’ attitudes. In that regard, it looks like the not being excited prior to the tournament disease is catching on across the continent. Ok, maybe an exaggeration but Ivorian and Ghanaian fans may share more than a border at this time.

But while it’s good to get to know our neighbor’s thoughts and feelings, it may be even better to learn their capabilities. What’s that they say about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?

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