Are we safe?

So much is going on around the cup and I don’t know where to start. Togo’s players have been attacked at the Congo-Angola border as they were making their way to Cabinda for the tournament. A couple of players were injured and it was clearly a harrowing experience for all involved. There’s mention made that Togo could pull out of the tourney which would mean Ghana would only play two matches. That would be a bummer. 

Oh and if you didn’t know Cabinda was a place I don’t blame you. If you look closely on the map it’s in no man’s land but that region is probably paying for the hosting of the tournament as it is oil-rich. For a guide to the other venues, check this out

In other news, Didier Drogba won the 2009 BBC African footballer of the year award. I guess it was fitting but I thought Michael Essien had a great season last year for Chelsea. In fact, Eto’o must have had a more successful season winning the Euro championships with Barcelona. Oh well, it’s a people’s award as the fans are the ones that vote so I can’t even be mad.

2 thoughts on “Are we safe?

  1. Its sad what happened to Togo. Pulling out is a good idea. Soccer is life for most africans but after all- its just a game.

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