Memories Lane


Taking a trip down memory lane


So with two days to go and in light of my nostalgia about Abedi Pele I thought ah: so me kuraa what are my favorite African Cup of Nations memories? And you know, I am a pretty young guy so mine are a bit limited compared to some of you old geezers out there. Five is a nice round number and I have been taught when making lists to keep it to three or five. Ever the maximalist (is that even a word? opposite of minimalist), I have gone with five.

Also, my bad memory means this is off the top of my noggin. But I reserve the right to refresh my memory and update my list as yours trickle in.  Also, I had to give you the name of the last Ghanaian top scorer. His name was George Alhassan, graduate of 1982 Black Stars’ campaign. I mean what could have been sweeter than 1982? So great it was that it is where my list begins. 

1. Ghana lifting the cup in 1982 (I was a year old so my eyesight and recognition wasn’t so good but I have heard)

2. Abedi Pele’s wonder goal against Congo ten years later (I know some of you are saying, “my man, there are other Ghanaian players than Abedi oh.” Whatever! Show me.)

3. In 1992, semi-finals, we put pepper in Nigeria’s eyes and we scored them. That man again was the center of a bittersweet moment. And when he was carried on some fans’ shoulders in tears. Man, when will I be so good at something that I will be carried shoulder high. I digress. 

4. I enjoyed watching Rabah Madjer and Cherif al Oudjani of Algeria destroy Africa in 1990. (Sorry Black Stars for the heresy). 

5. Zambia’s reconstituted team getting to the Nations Cup final in 1994 (Some people remember where they were when Kennedy got shot, I remember where I was when the Zambian plane crashed). 

By the way, this guy is more interested in going back to the future. He, like everyone else is calling Ivory Coast the eventual winners (Look out for the dark horses section too). They don’t know that at night, the Elephant looks up in the sky to the Star. Let them keep drinking the kool-aid (aka bisap).

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