Nampenda Black Stars


... and the Black Stars


I am in a musical mood this morning. And I am expressing my love for my Black Stars with this song (Chale the song is so sweet it had to find a way into the blog). All this love in spite of their failure to entertain yesterday evening. Not their fault. Their Togolese opponents were back home mourning the dead. So like a sad end to a love story, Togo is finally, officially no more

But considering what has been going on in the tournament so far, Essien and his boys may have to thank their stars. Angola has been upset city and given the emotion that would have been present in the Togolese camp Ghana may have been shocked. Add to that Essien apparently missing his flight and really we may have been saved the trauma of being Malawied. 

And the group that carried the attack on Togo now says that no other country is in danger of being attacked. And as for his explanation that they didn’t mean to attack civilians, I am not exactly buying it. C’mon man!!!

Is it just me or does drama follow the Togolese to these international competitions. At the 2008 world cup they threatened to embarass us with all this bonus row talk. Now, they decide to take a bus and they get shot at. And it appears it always comes down to money. But anyways, I am officially closing the chapter on the Togolese. Until they qualify the next time of course. At some point we all gotta move on. 

A few quick notes. 

Can you believe that the French club Nice lost eleven players to the Nations Cup? Wow.

What’s up with all the nipple showing EX-rated puma jerseys on show? Cover up boys.

Some boys are dangerous and this boy Gervinho is one of them. Clearly Drogba is Cote d’ Ivoire’s talisman but this guy with a Brazilian-sounding name they’ve imported is something else. The sitter he set up for Kone in the second half was a great example of his skills.  

Speaking of dangerous. Was it me or did Dagano of Burkina Faso look like he was seven feet two inches and who on Ghana’s squad is going to mark him? Man, I am sweating thinking of Jonathan Mensah or Eric Addo handling him. 

My two cents. Any thoughts?

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