How about them super chickens?


Fly Chicken, Fly!


I am not sure what to say about my brethren the Super Chickens. They failed to soar yesterday and the pharoes took them out in typical Egyptian fashion: solid, compact and disciplined play. As frustrated as I was watching the Nigerians I can’t imagine how infuriating it was for Nigerians. Actually, I can. They are probably ten times angrier. In the other game the mighty squirrels’ movements were clipped in slightly controversial fashion by the good old mamba. You fall asleep, the mamba strikes. 

I can’t say how happy I am that the games have begun. The African game is always guaranteed goals and if there’s one thing that can ignite a competition it is goals. 19 in 5 matches?

In Black Stars news, joy fm reported yesterday that Anthony Annan, our diminutive but tough midfielder has been ruled out with a hamstring injury for our game against Cote d’ Ivoire. That’s a bit of a blow to our prospects but if Emmanuel Agyemang Badu’s performance at the U-20 championships were anything to go by then we may be able to swap one scrappy fighter for another. The Stars will need all the fight they can muster in what has suddenly become a much trickier group. One win and three points should be enough to qualify raising the stakes for our game against the Ivorians.

My prediction is it will be a draw. 

For that to happen however, the Stars will need to show some swagger.

One thought on “How about them super chickens?

  1. don’t be making excuses for the Black Stars already – i expect them to show up unlike the “Super chickens” otherwise they will be the “Black Commoners”

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