Time for a rebound?


The Stallion must be slayed!!!


Those of you who have ever broken up with a boy/girl can attest to the sweetness, however fleeting a rebound is. Well, I don’t care how fleeting a victory tomorrow will be. Just beat the bulldogs, or nightingales or whatever in God’s name the Burkinabe national team is called. Whether our task got more difficult or not, I don’t care. Whether we have to win because the referee gave a dubious decision against the Stallions or he kicked it in himself or the goal was supposed to be offside I don’t care. 

Actually, I care if karma has anything to do with it. But you guys get my drift right? I mean there have been such sleepless night and so much consternation in Ghana that even this rumor gained traction!!! C’mon people, do you think predicting earthquakes is like predicting a football match? I was half-expecting Right Reverend, Pastor, Bishop TB Joshua to come out of wherever he is hiding these days to say he predicted the earthquake. Speaking of predictions, let’s not even go there. I was wrong but so were close to 20 million people. I will leave the predictions to the side for the next game and lock myself in fasting and prayer instead. 

Otherwise, there is very little to report. 

Back tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Time for a rebound?

  1. The way i c it bad things happen when essien is captain. Remember ghana nd cameroon in 08? Good omen he ain’t playing tmrw

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