T-2 Days to Kickoff Update


Dede and co should expect more of such battles


More opinions on the Black Stars performance and prospects in the rest of the tournament. But one of the players actually going to duke it out on the pitch is emboldened by the Burkina effort. Although Kwadwo Asamoah is not our captain he has fast become one of the effective leaders on the field of play. 

Meanwhile, our big captain is back in London and his club is not going to ask for moolah from a poor third world country. Phew. On a light note about our captain, a local radio station did a phone-in with multiple choice answers about who Essien was texting/chatting to on his phone during the Burkina game. I reproduce it here so other Black Stars fans can join in.

A. Sulley Ali Muntari
B. Stephen Appiah
C. TB Joshua
D.Milovan Rajevac
E. Chelsea
F. Nadia Buari (Essien’s oft-rumored girlfriend)
G. None of the above
(Please feel free to take this as lightheartedly as possible)

Ok, now to the big issues. As one man goes another returns. Anthony Annan has been declared fit for the match which is important because if I am not mistaken, Emmanuel Agyemang Badu did not escape suspension for the knock-out rounds after two yellow cards. Also, a report monitored yesterday said the Ghanaians have formally applied for more security. A Ghanaian fan was assaulted after the Burkina Faso match. The Ghanaian Football Association also petitioned CAF which would inevitably send it on to the Local Organising Committee run by Angolans who will probably just give it to God. TIA people and the players are just going to have to adjust. That’s easier said for some than others. 

But at this point the eight quarter final teams are just going to have to get used to being far from home. 

Angola v Ghana

Algeria v Cote d’ Ivoire

Egypt v Cameroun (Game of the round)

Nigeria v Zambia

It should be a rocking time!!!

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