Takes Five to Get Five?


It takes five


Man, what a charmed life Ghana led in the game against Nigeria!!! We dodged some bullets. I thought it was hard luck on the Nigerians who were more adventurous but whose lack of cohesive team play and poor finishing let them down. Having said that, every time you thought a Nigerian player was one on one there was a Ghanaian player present to throw him off. 

So, on to the next one. For Ghana to win their fifth cup we are going to have to win our fifth game. How is that for symmetry? It will take five to win five. Ok, enough with trying to sound clever. 

Before the two previous games, I saw a path on the field to victory. As in tactically, there were many ways I could envisage to victory. I am sorry, forgive me for the blasphemous statement I am going to make but this time I just don’t see it. I don’t see how we are going to win this match against Egypt if we continue to play so defensively and if we continue to insist on regarding members of the other team as our own and passing them the ball whenever we get it. I just don’t see us winning. 

But allow me to vacillate a little bit. The game is on Sunday and if my Muslim brothers and sisters pray today and the seventh day adventists grace the team tomorrow and then main man TB is brought in on Sunday after the game to give his hopefully favorable predictions and to crown all the fasting, the prayers with tongues, the wuzus, and I could go on, then maybe we can ask the men on high and the ancestors to make sure that they write Ghana’s name on the cup!!!

Before looking forward though, let’s look back. I hope the kids were put to bed during the game or at least their eyes shielded because that was far from pretty. We are about to pull a Greece in this tournament if we win with such a negative style of play. But even Otto Rehagel must be turning over in his grave (mind you, he’s not dead yet). What with our misplaced passes, our total lack of team play offensively and our at times needlessly frantic defending. 

And if I am sounding like a sour person, the victory was SWEET oh. I mean especially as it was against the Guinness-sponsored 150 million strong Naija, especially as it was a victory as the underdogs and was probably the hardest game that the Stars had played so far. Man, it was sweet. I just don’t want to reach that sugar high and come back crashing and that’s why I would like to see a path to victory!!! 

So long but let me know if you see a path to winning five for our fifth.

4 thoughts on “Takes Five to Get Five?

  1. Dont see a path to winning sun either. The egypians r wild. Sun will be one of those rare days true blackstar fans live for.

  2. have faith, i think the key to this game is how we counterattack the egyptians. We need precise passing and movement off the ball to get into good positions. We really don’t need the players to start taking shots from outside the 18.

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