Dreams from my Black Stars


that one day Ghana will win a fifth Cup of Nations


The Finals. Need I say more? Actually, my focus today was going to be solely on the match but I have to say one or two things concerning CAF. I don’t mean to play to the gallery here but seriously? Like, really? I am all for law and order, following rules and such but this decision was so unnecessary I can’t even express my outrage eloquently so I will let someone else take a stab at it. And I can’t help but think if this had happened to a big country like Nigeria, South Africa or a country like Ghana with 22 million people having bullhorns as mouths, they wouldn’t have dared. Nevertheless, Togolese must be invoking Kelis in their condemnation of Issa Hayatou and his henchmen. Can mes amis Togolais be blamed? I think not. 

Now, to the BIG GAME. It must be the prayers because I saw a sign. A sign that we could win this cup. All of a sudden, in my mind’s eye, there is a path to victory for the boys in what is for many of them the biggest game of their lives. It starts with the Malian brother who is going to be in the middle and who must also be sick to his stomach at the prospect of Egypt’s third Cup of Nations win on the trot. It then goes to the 89th minute penalty that he gives after a rather cagey match which until that point remains deadlocked (See our soft penalty against Cote d’ Ivoire). A focussed Kwadwo Asamoah steps up and wrong foots Hadari. Add to that the minute he adds to time added on despite the numerous fouls committed by our players and countless stoppages and we’re home. Dede Ayew sprints to hug his brother as both contemplate improbably surpassing their dad’s achievements 18 years ago.

Cue the wild scenes and celebrations in the streets of Accra, London, New York, Greenland and everywhere there’s a Ghanaian Association. Oh, Hamborg, Jahmain too. Total strangers hug each other as though they had been rescued from the imaginary wreckage that befell Accra a couple of weeks ago during the April Fools come early earthquake. Songs will be blared at the highest volumes possible. Even newer music will be produced and we would even be gracious to the vanquished by singing Egyptian ones too! And by the end of the night, all public servants would ordered not to report to work. It’s a holiday!!! In return, they are to show up at the airport to welcome the victorious players. Ahhhh, if wishes were horses, Black Stars will be shining!!!

Shine on my boys. Give it every ounce you have left. But remember, whatever fate befalls you tomorrow, I will still be a proud Ghanaian and an even more enthusiastic Black Stars fan.

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