Oh so close


The Stars should be proud of themselves and the country of them


We came oh so close but the cigar vanished like a whodini act. At the end of it all, you have to say that the better team throughout the tournament won. Yet, the better team on the day did not. In probably our best match of the tournament by far, we were bitten by the 1-0 score line which we used brilliantly in our two previous matches. In fact, the dream I told you folks about happened but as sometimes occurs with karmic events, it happened in reverse. The Malian referee did not get the memo and all the 50-50 calls went Egypt’s way. We also then got punished by a moment of precision by the Egyptians and faster than you can say flash, it was over. But crying or spilling milk is not my thing. Teasing is, however. I congratulate Egypt for winning and commiserate with them for missing out on the mundial. 

To the Black Stars, you fought, you clawed, you gave every ounce to cover every inch of grass. In all, you gave an honest, determined effort. It is not hard therefore to quickly move from disappointment to a chest enlarged with overflowing pride and we look forward to seeing you in five months ready to apply yourselves again and committed to carrying the country’s flag higher and perhaps  shouldering the hopes of an entire continent.

So, after 4 p.m. GMT, those close to Kotoka International Airport should gather to give a rousing welcome. To those far and wide: the Greenlanders, Londoners, New Yorkers and so on. Oh, the Hamburgers too. Transmit your energies and spirits so they can feel welcome and so that the chorus of thanks rings round the world. 

Black Stars, Ayekoo!!!