Germany's Michael Ballack sees his World Cup hopes end


Germany’s Michael Ballack will miss the 2010 World Cup because of damage to ankle ligaments. Some would say it is because of a tackle by Kevin-Prince Boateng. It’s the old tomato argument isn’t it? You say Kevin-Prince, I say ankle ligament damage. Either way, the cynics are having a field day on this one. Could Kevin-Prince have been the perfect mercenary for this hit job (said in a movie trailer announcer’s voice)? The man who lost out on playing for Germany’s senior national team after a promising youth career is seeking revenge and decided to show an assassin’s precision. Or could it be an attempt to show that he is completely loyal to the Ghanaian cause? Swearing fealty to the Coat of Arms, the flag and YEn Ara Asa Se ni to name a few. Either way, the Germans are in unforgiving mood. Germany’s coach, Joachim Loew had to come to the defense of Jerome Boateng, Kevin-Prince’s half-brother, who is ironically in the German team. Kevin-Prince for his part has offered a royal apology.

Let me add another theory. Remember Bochum? As in 6-1 Bochum? Yes, that day when Ghana scored the first goal and it was 1-0 at the half and we were all feeling good!!! Three goals in the space of one minute in the second half put paid to our delusions. But three more? In a ‘friendly’ match? C’mon ze Germans, that was not nice now was it? My take is Kevin-Prince’s father naturally torn as to who to support had his heart with the Ghanaians. Then six and sitting in his dad’s lap, Kevin-Prince discerned his dad’s distress and vowed to REVENGE!!! the loss. What better way to do that than in an FA cup final with the captain of Germany sitting there like a duck ready to be taken out? 

But I ask simply, can’t we all just get along? I prefer to rely on some new age spiritualism. The universe brought these men together to set up a mouth watering clash at the world cup. Need I remind you that the Black Stars play them in the last game of the group stages? You can just see the headlines. Traitor!!! Brother vs. Brother. The prodigal son returns and so on (more headline suggestions welcome).

So much conjecture though. Could it be that these were simply two players hungry to win an FA cup medal who were likely to come together physically at one point or another in a 90 minute by virtue of their positions on the field? It was a committed (some would say reckless) tackle but it is football after all and with all due respect to the Black Queens, it is a man’s game.

5 thoughts on “Ankle-Gate

  1. Men,Peeps be taking this football thing to seriously. I’m all for the new age “can’t we all get along” mentality mixed with a bit of the old school “it’s just a game” mentality. Well still can’t wait for june though

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