The list is out


Kevin-Prince Boateng will earn his first meaningful caps in South Africa


Milovan Rajevac’s final list of 23 players to represent Ghana has been presented. There are no real surprises but clearly the injuries to Michael Essien and Emmanuel Agyemang-Badu have been huge in determining who made the team. I am curious who Milo had in mind before these injuries. Under the circumstances, I got three of the players wrong from my predictions. Never mind that two of them are down to injury.

I am a bit surprised that he dropped Eric Addo given the problems John Mensah has had this season with fitness. That shows Rajevac’s faith in the emergence of Isaac Vorsah and Lee Addy during the African Nations Cup not to mention the promise of Jonathan Mensah. 

Nevertheless, I do not think Eric Addo was necessarily going to be the reason why we didn’t succeed so I cannot argue. At moments like this you have to trust the coach’s instincts since he works with the players daily and observes their inadequacies. Was it a loss of pace for Addo? We may never know. 

All in all, I think this is the best we have to offer and the onus is on us now to focus on those chosen and give them our maximum support. If our underdog position in the last world cup and this year’s nations’ cup is anything to go by then we are ready to shock the world. 

We may have some clues as to how Milo intends to use some of the players in our upcoming friendly matches against the Netherlands and Latvia. 

Keep the faith, Black Stars nation. As my Accra brothers say, Ebaa hi. E go be. And see you in South Africa.

3 thoughts on “The list is out

  1. I guess “Ebaa hi” goes to Eric Addo, Haminu & Bra Laryea Kingson. I feel for Bra Laryea though cos he missed 2006 and now he is missing his last shot at the world cup….. i hate to say it but i guess he didn’t dish out the moola to the “GFA mafia” (i’m kidding oh! for the record, just in case they want to arrest i seriously think the list was not the most objective like how come the best goal keeper in the glo premiere league failed to make the cut but second and third best made it. Prince kevin Boateng- well, i guess he deserves a place at least for taking out Ballack not that Ballack is a serious threat to us and i guess we need the agression in the midfield now that Essien is a no show. John Mensah with a chronic back problem…… would he be any good? may be we need him to boost morale and Stephen Appiah with only 120 minutes of play time the entire season…..hmmm.
    Well like they say… Ghana is a land of a million magicians i guess we know how to make magic happen.

    • Who is that?!!! Blackstarsfan’s number one fan?!!! Nelly, good to have you back and don’t scare me like that again. I knew it was because you feared for your boyfriend Laryea Kingston that you were quiet. Anyways, kaaa fo Milo daa. Given the uncertainties we had going to camp, it’s a relief to finally have our 23 players I think and Ghanaians have quickly accepted the realities and are moving on. I think it could be a special team. Look out for Kwadwo Asamoah to burst onto the world stage. Methinks he is on the cusp.

  2. With Agymang-Badu and Essien out i thought Laryea Kingston would walk onto the team. Not only did he get cut, but i think it is safe to say that after calling the coach a “stupid man” and having to be physically restrained, he will never be called up for the National Team again. That incident really vexed me…i understand the man is upset, he has fought and suffered with the rest of the guys. But unless your name is Essien, Muntari or Appiah, your spot is NOT guaranteed. I understand that he felt it was his turn, i really do, he missed it first time round and i personally thought he was a shoe-in for this years World Cup. BUT there is a big difference between being upset u didnt make it, and being restrained becuase u wanted to physically harm an old man. If that isnt a reflection of unprofessionalism then i seriously dont know what is. I remember as a kid Ghanian commentators would always complement the European and South American sides for their “professionalism”.. honestly i thought it was a stupid comment that had inferority complex stamped all over it with a pinch of racial undertones… but until i hear Benzema or Ronaldihno being physically restrained cause of a potential whoopin they wanted to hand out to Domenach or Dunga… then i have to agree with that observation. WE NEED DISCIPLINE! and the GFA should not stand for this hooliganism from out national players…there i have vented i feel alot better!

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