Ka-Pow!!! Kingston Downs Milo


Laryea Kingston in a more celebratory mood


Forgive the sensational headline. I just could not help it. Mr. Laryea Kingston seems to be on everyone’s mind. Kingston is accused of getting ready to pounce on poor Milovan Rajevac as the coach informed Kingston of his exclusion from the squad. Is zoom-zoom Nelson in the house, anyone? Of course, this could all have been lost in translation. Kingston could have said “KwE, mini?” in a very loud voice,  been ready to pound a table in frustration and the confusion set in.

I had not commented until now because there was some dispute as to whether the alleged incident took place at all. Ghana Football Association spokesperson, Randy Abbey insisted no such thing happened and dared the journalist who published the story, Yaw Ampofo Ankrah to name his source(s) and you knew that wasn’t going to happen. Ankrah came back and said he stood by his source(s). 

The plane still left without Kingston. He could not even “aplanke” to Scotland. Meanwhile his reputation continues to take a hit. He was not exactly Saint Kingston in Scotland partly due to a falling out with Hearts’ previous coach Csaba Laszlo. Between that and disillusion from Hearts fans after he said he would choose Ghana over Hearts and you can see why he would need a public relations expert to clean up his image. 

Kingston missed the last world cup through suspension and he misses this one and then becomes a villain. Add to the fact that he is out of contract at his Scottish club Hearts after injuries and it’s been a tough year. 

I have to say even though I predicted he would be cut, I feel sorry for him.

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