Did you see that?


The panic button

Fans are already pushing this button after the Dutch destroyed Ghana 4-1


One cedi for anyone who immediately understood that headline was a variation of Steve Urkel’s “Did I do that?” line in “Family Matters,” a sitcom Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) brought to us in the 90s. Those were the days. We had no choice but to watch it. GBC was the only station out there. The station for the nation. It’s the new millenium though and  we have a few options and the Ghana vs Netherlands friendly match was brought to us on a couple of them. But does that matter when the Electricity Corporation of Ghana does not cooperate? 60 minutes into the game, it was lights out. 

As in, the lights out went out while I was watching the game. Or as we exclaim in Ghana, “Light OFF!!!” followed or preceded by some variation of “OOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Unbelievable. Shortly after that and thank God for cellphones, I gathered from twitter that it was lights out on the pitch as Ghana went down 2-0.

A quick call to my uncle for an update and right on cue Asamoah Gyan scored. 2-1. Good luck charm. But not for long.  A couple of minutes later, his number flashed on my phone. I thought 2-2! 3-1. He didn’t even bother calling after the fourth goal. We were outclassed.

And so it is. My analysis is restricted to 60 minutes.

In the first ten minutes, I thought we looked threatening especially from the right flank. After 25 minutes, there was no such impression. We couldn’t win the ball back as the Dutch stroked it around. Once they broke the initial press from our forwards, there was little resistance. I thought our high line would be exploited and we looked uncoordinated at the back. After 30 minutes, it was 1-0. We chased the game from that moment. 

I thought we started off the second half with the kind of aggression needed for Milovan Rajevac’s system. He brought in some youth and they were flying all over the place. 

In the 60th minute, there was a black out. Apparently it affected the players too. 

But as friendlies go, this result has no direct bearing on our chances at the world cup. I would not fret too much about the score. As we say here, “No Shaking!”

While embarrassing, Rajevac probably got what he wanted out of it. He was able to assess a few players who he may be considering for a starting role in a match situation. My guess is he was not impressed. He was also able to try out a couple of different tactics.

I want to wait until after the Latvia game on saturday before coming anywhere close to a “the sky is falling”  assessment.

2 thoughts on “Did you see that?

  1. Nope! didn’t get the headline at first glance. I honestly didn’t want to watch the game cos i am going through a near broken heart right now and i didn’t want my heart to be split in half by the stars. After trying hard to resist, i watched the last 30 minutes of the game and boy oh boy…… heart breaking!!

    So this morning i have mixed emotions and need a lot of therapy. This is not a ‘no shaking matter’ with this kind of play, looks like we can loose every match and end our journey at the bottom of our group……i have hit the panic button too and i hope its sending a very very very loud wake up signal to the stars camp…..jeeze man don’t they get it? aside of the fact that it looked like we didn’t have a team, it was a complete mess. ok I’m about to have an outburst so i stop right here.

  2. Blackstarsfan is into therapy too I guess. So my advice is stick with it, be patient and the players will come through in time. I mean they especially cannot be happy with losing and losing that badly so I imagine they will be more determined.

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