Ghana vs Latvia


Some fans are fickle, others loyal to the end. Which one are you?


I have heard some stories of fans having second thoughts about traveling to South Africa after the “Rotterdam Romp.” The Black Stars have an opportunity to win back some of them this afternoon when they play 46th-ranked Latvia. While some may snicker at Latvia or roll their eyes as to the level of opposition, you need only look at France’s result against China to know there are no longer any minnows in football. Therefore this should be a reasonable test for the Stars. It should be a test of how much cohesion they have developed over the last few days, a test of fitness and tactics. Above all, this is a test of our mental strength.

It cannot have been easy on the players losing 4-1 and it is imperative for the Stars’ psyche to have a positive feeling going into the World Cup. After all, let us not forget that we are on a three-game losing streak and have had to deal with one piece of bad news after another.  Often in sports, a string of positive news begets more positive news and vice versa. And I know that they will give the usual spiel that they are professionals and win or lose they will give their all but losing badly weighs on their minds. They are only human. 

Update: Ghana won 1-0 against Latvia through a 88th minute Quincy Owusu-Abeyie strike in what was an improved performance. With a week to go to Ghana’s first match against Serbia it was great to see some cohesion. More to come later.

One thought on “Ghana vs Latvia

  1. Yep! Great to see some cohesion but we still have a lot of work to do. I guess we play better wen we r attacking.

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