Fellow fans, I owe you a major apology. I have been here in South Africa for a couple of days now and have not been able to post updates on my blog. Between the cold (I am a man from the tropics and anything below 15 degrees Celsius is freezing), my cold (I am treating it aggressively) and transport (you can’t get around effectively in South Africa without a car and they drive on the same side as the English), I have been limited. Ultimately, it comes down to me so I borrow musician Akon’s PR methods and say sorry, blame it on me! And if you want to go back into time, I am in the same predicament as Tracy Chapman and have only the magic word of apology to rely on. It is all I can say.  I am working on a couple of posts and will bring those to you today. As you can imagine and as some of you have seen from my twitter feed, it has been quite hectic. Yesterday, there was a parade for the Bafana Bafana and the home crowd was out in full force. I will show you some of those pictures as well as my day trying to get to a Black Stars training match in Pretoria.  Or was it Mamelodi?  Perhaps, Eesterust? It was a ride filled with uncertainty and scant information and unreliable directions. In the process, I met a mad man and a lyrical genius. Again, those of you on twitter would know who I am talking about. To the rest, thanks for your patience and stay tuned.

One thought on “SORRY

  1. As far as I’m concerned this is the most informative, well presented and authentic Blackstars website to date so apology accepted. One of a kind I reckon.. wicked sense of humour to boot!!

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