Ghana-US Post Match Interviews


Abedi Pele says the focus should be on the whole team and not only his son


I was fortunate enough to run into Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant and the maestro, Abedi Pele after the match against the US. The encounter with Bryant lasted about 30 seconds as he was more preoccupied with finding his vehicle. He also had a minder who cut me off shortly after. Still, he spoke glowingly of the “young kid, number 13,’ Dede Ayew. 

The maestro was more giving of his time and even though the focus of a few of the questions was on his son, he stressed that while he was proud of his son, it was an entire team effort.

He was also still hopeful that Dede would not be suspended for the game against Uruguay but it has since been confirmed that Dede Ayew will miss that match. There were also a couple of Brazilian journalists trying to get him to talk about the Brazilian team.

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