Back Home With Mixed Feelings


It is home sweet home for Dede and his colleagues. But they'd probably rather be in a Cape Town hotel than sleeping in their own beds


It is tough to write about the Black Stars arrival on the same day Uruguay is playing against the Netherlands in the semi-finals. I cannot help but feel that instead of Accra, I should be in Cape Town, having packed my bags and heading to the stadium. It stirs up all those what if questions and emotions. 

But let’s dwell on what destiny has presented us with. As quarter-finalists, we have the honor of being considered one of the eight best teams in the world. Given the uncertainty with which we entered the competition, that is indeed an honor and we should not discount it. Also, you always like to see improvement from one campaign to another. We improved the results from the 2006 Germany campaign and that is commendable as well. 

Also the future looks bright. Stephen Appiah said yesterday after a rousing welcome accorded the players and officials at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra that though he is not a prophet, he is sure that we will qualify for 2014 in Brazil and we will be there as contenders.  

To that I say Amen. Now, to work to bring it about, so that we do not follow Cameroon or Senegal in fading out after reaching the quarter-finals. The players are scheduled to go on a float this morning and are set to meet the President of Ghana, John Atta Mills at a reception in their honor. 

I tweeted throughout their arrival and my tweets can be seen on

One thought on “Back Home With Mixed Feelings

  1. That’s the thing, isn’t it? The authorities need to keep up this momentum and use this to keep on improving. What an inspiration to thousands more future Black Stars these guys are. The team spirit, and the example they set on and off the pitch make them admirable role models.

    I was born in Ghana but grew up in England, and see the two countries as being on two completely different trajectories. England are burning up from the heat of their own hype, egos, and salaries. Ghana on the other hand are looking to the stars, in more ways than one. Ha, that sounds so corny but it’s true.

    I’ll be following the club scene in Ghana much more closely from now on. Next time I visit, I want to know what’s going on with the league over there.

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