Dede Ayew Denies Twitter Use


Ayew says twitter account in his name is fake Photo Credit: Senyuiedzorm Adadevoh


Remember when your parents told you not to believe everything you read? Fans of Andre ‘Dede’ Ayew who flock to social networking site, Twitter, purportedly to read his musings would be smart to embrace this rule, because they have been hoodwinked.

Dede firmly denied having an account after training with Ghana’s senior national team in Accra Tuesday. Ayew dismissed the suggestion of an account with a shake of the head, a wave of the finger and a strong ‘No.’

After a committed World Cup display, Ayew has become a fan favorite and is developing a cult among lady fans for his good looks. In fact, many followers of the @andreayew  handle are women. The impostor has conveniently capitalized on Ayew’s emergence to have over 1700 followers.

A day before the competition began on June 8 the account was established. The last tweet was on September 14 when ‘hi peeps’ was posted. Rather confusingly, the account got the ‘verified’ tag shortly after the World Cup lending credence to the thought that followers were receiving real updates of Dede’s life.

The Black Stars are in town this week preparing for their 2012 African Cup of Nations qualifying match Sunday against Sudan in Kumasi.

Ayew would not be the first victim of a ‘twitpostor.’ Entertainers like David Letterman and Kanye West have had people speaking for them. The farcical include @osamabinladen. The phenomenon has become so common that phony account holders are referred to as ‘phweeters’. So go ahead and add @andreayew to the ‘phweeter’ column. Considering his relatively small following, Ayew may not suffer any extensive damage to his reputation. Nevertheless ‘phweeters’ have the potential to damage a celebrity’s reputation and brand with false and embarrassing thoughts.

Some of the more memorable tweets @andreayew has published are “Which team should I play for Bayern Munich or Manchester City please help to choose?” a reference to rumors of interest from those clubs in the transfer window. Another sought to dispel rumors of a dalliance with a Ghanaian actress.  “Followers I am not dating nadia buari she is the ex of My brother essien Thats disrespect.”

Jones Alhassan Abu, a confidante of Ayew, says Dede was in such high demand at Marseille after the World Cup there was no question of him joining any other team.

One thought on “Dede Ayew Denies Twitter Use

  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this development. No wonder, some of the stuffs I see on my timeline from that incredible “Phweeter” aren’t the stuff I hear him say in real life and from his friends. Will definitely re-tweet this post for all his followers to be AWARE. Might end up unfollowing that ID. Great job, man.

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