Another Match Venue Change

Ghanaians should be able to support their national teams in as many venues as possible

Another national team match is being moved to Kumasi. If the atmosphere is anything like that for a Black Stars match, it should be a dandy. One of the most fun times I have had watching a football match recently has been in the Kumasi Sports Stadium. Despite the result, a 0-0 draw between the Black Stars and Sudan, the atmosphere before and after the game was unforgettable. It was a carnival.

I was looking forward to watching this match in Accra though and I am disappointed it won’t be played in Ghana’s capital. But that’s my selfish side talking. I do not begrudge the fans of the Garden City for clamoring for this Meteors match. I am certain they will be at their loudest to push the Meteors to perform at their best.

The change got me wondering though, how we could promote other venues in the country. For instance, the stadium in Sekondi lies largely idle especially as the local teams in that area are not competitive in the premier league. Fans look forward to matches of this nature and it could easily attract a full house if the right promotion and ticket pricing is done for it. After all, even at the toddlers level, a Ghana-Nigeria match would excite the most dormant football fan.

I cannot remember the last time a national team match was played in Tamale. In fact, one of the complaints after the Black Stars campaign in South Africa last year was how little the rest of the country saw of its heroes. Whether due to bad organization or thoughtlessness, the floats to parade the players started and ended in Accra for all intents and purposes. Most of the European players could not make it to Kumasi.

So, a more inclusive selection of venues would expose many more Ghanaians to the Stars they get to view only on television playing for European teams. Getting them to play around the country would further cement them as the Nation’s team and allow all Ghanaians to share in the country’s collective success.

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