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  1. Fui!!

    Long time man, hope you’ve been well. Where are you based these days?

    I totally agree with the frustration about this being treated as a less important game by Capello. I imagine he’s under a lot of pressure from club managers not to overuse/risk-injuries to players at this part of the season, specially with the two games only 3 days apart. But yep, there are plenty of inconsistencies in the arguments he has made. I suspect that with the English press circus ready to crucify him at any opportunity, treating this game with less importance and a “mixed” squad gives him some insurance in case the result is not good, and the media takes aim for his head once again. That said, I can practically hear Gerard Houllier shouting at him from Birmigham saying “don’t use my three best players” as his job depends on getting Villa out of that relegation mess. So I’m not sure what I’d do in his position…

    That said, as an England fan, I’m really excited and pleased to get to see some of the guys like Leighton Baines, Andy Carroll get their chance. Lets hope for a good open match!

    Also– I just finished reading a pretty disturbing, but very brave investigative football book named “The Fix”, by Declan Hill, about match-fixing. He studies the Asian gambling industry, legal and illegal, and how it’s influence has stretched all over the world, all the way up to the World Cup. The climax/end of the book is based on a claim about two games Ghana took part in during the 2006 World Cup (Italy&Brazil, the two losses). I was wondering if you’ve read the book, and would love to hear your thoughts from someone who has followed Ghanaian soccer as closely as you have. If you haven’t, I can try and send it to you if you want.

    Alright man, all the best to you, hope you’ve been well. And this is the first time I’ve seen your blog, but I’ll definitely check back as I always enjoy the Black Stars!!



    • Nedski!! Thanks for the detailed response. I think there were rumors. I will send you a document through facebook on general corruption in African footie. I haven’t read the book but would definitely love to.

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