Tis the day


Who takes the cup?


This has already been a weird nations cup. First there was very little excitement and then as the day drew closer and I think more and more talk was generating the energy, the ambush on the Togolese team occurred. And depending on what you read, they are going to honor their fallen comrades. Or they are too traumatised to continue

That sense of confusion has extended to the view from European football. Clearly, there are some clubs that are being as typically opportunistic as the European crusader back in the day. As in, we’ll teach you our religion while we loot and plunder you type opportunism. Of course, just as soon as I say that the Arse’s manager and Moyes’ just destroys the stereotype. Good for them. 

Of course, there’s this other small matter of how it affects the World Cup. RUBBISH!!! I couldn’t have said it better than Danny Jordaan though.  How quickly things change these days as this article suggests. Of course, we may not be talking about all of this if Cabinda hadn’t been chosen as a venue for the cup. Too late now.

In any case, it doesn’t feel appropriate to be jumping up the rooftops in anticipation of the start of the tournament. A few days of games though may put this episode on the backburner. Somewhat. 

I had planned to be in town watching this game on the big screen in Osu but I think I will now wait to see watch it in Ghana’s first game either against Togo tomorrow or against Cote d’Ivoire on Friday. Where are y’all watching the games?

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