Expectations and prospects


Who'll win the 2010 Cup of Nations?


In my earlier post, I offered possible reasons for what I consider a quieter build up to the cup. There certainly is noise in some media outlets but has it caught on with the masses or is it white noise? I think it will be a good cup. Ghana has an interesting squad. It is a mix of ‘youth’, meaning those who said they were Under-20 during the youth championships, and some more established national team players. In fact, it seems as though our ever optimistic coach  has the opposition right where he wants them. And his predecessor believes that the mix of young and older could be sneakily deadly. Kinda like the dog that allows you to pet it but bites you when you are not looking. I don’t think it’s a case of Serbian nationalism spreading south either. After all, he took us to our first world cup and that should count for something.

I have to say that I agree that we will surprise and I like the infusion of youth. It keeps the squad hungry in my opinion. But I am wondering which of the younger players will hold his own and show he is ready for the big stage. My money is on Andre Ayew (I have always been a fan of his so I am a bit biased) to mature before our eyes but look for one or two of the young attackers as well!!!! Ransford Osei, Dominic Adiyiah or Opoku Agyemang if they get into the game ahead of Gyan.

Otherwise, clearly Cameroun and Cote d’ Ivoire are strong squads. And if this football fan and fellow blogger’s crystal ball doesn’t break and his predictions hold those two teams will meet in the final. 

Of course, this result suggests we are in dominant world beating form!!! And as for this one, we might as well be playing some Martians at this point. I mean five goals in one half and four the next against two separate teams? Wow. I am sure in their friendly match against Malawi they will totally annihilate them!!! At least that’s what I thought by the time I went to bed. So, we killed them right? No.  We let ’em off the hook!!!  

Relax, I told you guys Malawi was a powerhouse in an earlier post. And we didn’t have our boy Bison  who just got into camp. Ah, but how can our whole captain just have arrived to camp? Ohhhh, you people in the media and your controversies. You trying to be starting something? He’s been injured and his rehabilitation had to be complete at Chelsea.  

My two cents people. Let’s get it cracking!!! Let me hear what your expectations are. Which teams do you fancy?

2 thoughts on “Expectations and prospects

  1. I need a cameroon-ghana match in the semis. I can still feel the pain from can 2008. We must right that wrong this time!

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