Where is the Excitement?


The MTN boys

Colorful support on streets of Accra in 2008


Is it just me or is the excitement prior to these games in Angola more muted than usual? While some Ghanaian radio stations have regular updates on the Black Stars, it seems as though there isn’t much talk among fans about the competition. Scenes like
 are virtually non-existent this time around. Ok, Ghana was host then and the enthusiasm continued to build as the tournament started. But are we even warming up?

Is it the injuries that put key players such as Stephen Appiah, Laryea Kingston, John Mensah and John Pantsil (I can never quite get how his name changed to Pantsil but oh well, to each his own) out of commission? Or are the fans not as excited to see the Malawis of the world this early in the year and would rather wait for the Portugals in the main event later on in the year (and I don’t mean the Grammys! Of course if Michael Essien is singing this in four weeks after lifting the cup,  he would likely be singing it to us the fans. On second thought, Essien singing?) 

Could it also be the host country’s inability to gin up the excitement? Or perhaps Ghanaians are resigned to never again winning the cup? Fat chance if I know Ghanaians. Actually, that’s heresy if the sports minister has anything to do with it!!! But how does he know?!!! Is he also seeing this man? I keed, I keed. But seriously, is that man going to wait until after the fact to let us know his predictions or prophesies? But I digress.

Any thoughts on the excitement question?

One thought on “Where is the Excitement?

  1. I need a ghana-cameroon match in the semis. I can still feel the pain from can 2008. Its time we right that wrong. Cant wait

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